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Beijing and Great Wall

beiing.jpgforb1.jpgforb2.jpgBeijing is a sight to behold that cannot be described adequately with words. It is an amazing combination of old and new. See it soon - thousands of years of history are being daily wiped away with China's push for rapid economic growth and industrialization. Populated, polluted, dizzying, majestic...the list of adjectives is endless. It is said 1/3 of the world's bicycles can be found in China and it is joked that the construction cranes percolating the landscape are China's national bird.wall3.jpgwall2.jpgwall1.jpg Doing everything toursity here is worth it, but get off the beaten path too to discover a restaurant frequented by locals, a crumbling section of the Wall or a hutong that has yet to be changed.

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